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The Project

Maxus is a global media agency, a division of Group M and WPP (merged with sister agency MEC in 2018 to become Wavemaker)

My long-term relationship with them has lead to a varied portfolio of design involvement and creative skills. Here are three of them.

1. One of the most challenging projects was the Maxus Global Exchange. The brief was to design an internal platform that would interlink the global offices of the company to allow employees to register and share their experiences and participate in a knowledge exchange.

2. When Maxus relocated to their purpose built offices in the newly renovated Alphabeta building, Moorgate, they commissioned a design for an animated digital display, advertising the launch of their new offices.

3. Following the launch of a new personal and professional growth programme, Maxus commissioned the design of an aspirational environment graphic for the main communal wall. The graphic was to serve as a constant visual reminder of the new People & Culture initiative, to stimulate employees and encourage a healthy and energetic work-life balance.

The creative bit

1. Understanding the limitations of SharePoint, the platform for their internal network, required considerable research. The solution had to be engaging to encourage employees to visit and register their input. The UI required bespoke iconography to highlight key pieces of information for the participants.

2. The specification for the digital display boards in Moorgate tube restricted the use of animation due to the required file size. The client wanted something subtle that would welcome employees and visitors to the new offices. This led to creating an illustration of the building, which was then animated to gradually reveal the design.

3. The new initiative, named Never Stand Still, was a complex programme bringing together both opportunities and support across areas for work, for life and for personal growth of Maxus employees. The brief was to take inspiration from the Tree of Life to simplify and connect the various elements of the programme in a colourful and engaging way.

The Outcome

1. The exchange platform was successful in gaining participation with a high level of usage and really helped the team to facilitate the running of an exchange programme.

2. The Alphabeta displays worked well to build up some excitement arround the move. The building illustration that was created was so successful that it went on to be used extensively by Maxus on many internal and external applications, from notebooks through to presentations.

3. The Tree was applied as a vinyl wall covering and provided a much-needed visual relief to a big blue wall, adding aspirational values to boost the workplace morale.

The good & the bad in medialand.

It has been very enjoyable working on the varied projects with Maxus and I learnt a variety of different skills.

  • Pre-Work
  • Meeting & initial brief
  • Proposal submission
  • Scoping
  • UX
  • Sitemap
  • Content flow
  • Scoping
  • UI
  • Branding
  • Visual website design
  • Brand guide
  • Production
  • CMS structure
  • Build
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