Hawk & Handsaw
Website Design & Build

The Project

Hawk & Handsaw are a London based branding, packaging and corporate design agency.

The brief was to create a website to showcase their work, experience and creative process.

Working for a firm of designers was always going to have its challenges but the creative process was stimulating and rewarding to bounce ideas with like-minded people.

The creative bit

The focus of this website was to reveal their great portfolio of work in a series case studies. This was developed into a familiar grid layout with images linking through to the detailed project descriptions.

Crisp and clean imagery in a precise layout was agreed. This was combined with minimal navigation to make it user-friendly, uncluttered and intuitive.

The outcome

A responsive website with CMS that encapsulates and presents their design work and philosophy in a clear and precise manner. New projects can be easily added to the modular layout to keep the site up to date and fresh

The good the bad & designers

It was fantastic to work with other designers. Being able to talk the same language helped to quickly interpret their needs and requirements of the website.

  • Pre-Work
  • Briefing
  • A couple of beers
  • UX
  • Sitemap
  • Page structure
  • UI
  • Visual design
  • Grid layout
  • Production
  • CMS build
  • Modular design blocks
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